Membership Benefits…


As a member of EYTO you will receive a wide range of benefits to enhance your professional status, improve your career prospects through Continued Professional development and share practice and knowledge with other Early Years Teachers.


Benefits include:

  • Professional recognition for your role as an Early Years Teacher
  • Networking opportunities with EYT/EYPs in your local area and across the country as part of being a member of our Early Years Network
  • Make professional friends through being part of a professional community
  • Opportunity to visit other settings
  • Access to the forum area to share ideas
  • An online library of Information and support in all areas available continually
  • Professional development opportunities to develop your knowledge and expertise
  • Access to a Professional code of practice
  • Add to your Continuing Professional Development by keeping up to date with the latest training
  • The opportunity to raise standards
  • Up to date news and resources from the Early Years sector available at the click of a button
  • Provide you with Job opportunities to further your career
  • Access to career support and advice
  • Regional support available to all members
  • Chance to attend regional meetings
  • Resource and equipment support
  • Special member discounts available
  • Quarterly newsletters emailed to you exclusively


Continuous Professional Development

One particularly important benefit to becoming a member of EYTO is the ability to keep adding to your Continuing professional development. CPD is fundamental to today’s education and business environment. It ensures that you have the breadth of knowledge demonstrating your commitment to lifelong learning in a rapidly changing world.

EYTO expect members to undertake 24 hours of formal and informal professional development every year. This is a professional obligation to children, parents, carers and employers. As a committed Early Years Teacher, you are responsible for your own CPD activities and you are expected to complete the required hours every year. EYTO provides support for this is the member’s area, as well as providing a handy log to record all your CPD and also provide regular training to attend.

Why have CPD?

  • Across the UK CPD is expected of most individual professionals in most sectors.
  • Employers increasingly expect their staff to undertake CPD.
  • CPD helps keep knowledge and skills up-to-date.
  • It ensures that the professional standard of the qualification is maintained.
  • Completing CPD allows you to showcase your achievements and equip you with the tools to develop and change positively.
  • It develops confidence and credibility within the workforce.
  • For employers, the benefit of CPD is ensuring standards are high and consistent.
  • CPD promotes a greater work engagement and general commitment to job roles.
  • CPD allows for the best sharing of practice and support.
  • It contributes to maximising staff potential, improving staff moral and provides a benchmark for annual reviews.


EYTO strongly believes in regular CPD for its members. This is strongly focused on in our Code of Professional Practice for all members.Within the Member’s area you will have access to a wide range of CPD guidance and support including our interactive CPD design wheel especially for Early years teachers.


Free Resources!

As Early Years Teachers we are always looking to support other practitioners and pride our organisation on providing a vast variety of resources to support teaching and learning. We offer a wide range of resources for FREE to all of our members! You can find these resources by clicking the button below!

Free Recources